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Stack Nest Containers

What are Stack Nest Containers

Stack nest containers are perfect for various professional storage applications and areas where space is limited. They are designed for repeated long-term use and are produced from durable food-grade plastic.

The containers are popular across a wide range of industries because of their space-saving design and incredible versatility. Because they are made from food-grade material, they are perfect for use in food production facilities, among other fields. We carry the containers in various sizes and designs to suit different applications.

Applications of Stack Nest Containers

Stack nest containers have various applications in different industries. Some of the typical applications of the containers include the following:


The primary function of stack and nest containers is storage. They are widely used for storage in commercial settings primarily because they can stack when in use and nest when not, allowing them to provide space-saving benefits in either instance.

Transportation and Shipping

Containers can also be used in the logistics industry for safe and efficient transport of a wide variety of goods. Their strong and durable build allows them to protect goods in transit, and because they can be easily stacked in trucks or shipping containers, they allow maximisation of space and cut logistics costs.

Materials Handlings in Warehouses

Stack and nest containers can be used in warehouse applications to organise and handle materials. They can hold parts, products, and other items, simplifying inventory management.

Retail Displays

Some retail businesses use these containers to display products in an organised and accessible manner. They can also be handy in grocery stores for vegetables and fruits.

Food Industry

Containers can handle and store ingredients, processed foods, and fresh produce in the food industry. Their easy-to-clean surface makes them suitable for maintaining the hygiene standards required in this industry.

They are available in a wide range of food grade colour options and the unique stack-nest feature is perfect for those looking to optimise space.

Agricultural Applications

Stack and nest containers can be used for harvesting, storing and transporting fresh produce. Their durability makes them suitable for outdoor use and use with various types of machinery.

Recycling and Waste Management

You can also consider our stack and nest range when looking for containers for sorting recyclables and waste materials in industrial and residential settings.

Office Organisation

Stack and nest containers have multiple applications in office spaces. They can help organise supplies like stationery, documents, and other office materials. This is particularly true if you choose the smaller stack and nest containers.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Uses

Pharmacies and hospitals can use the container to store and transport various medical supplies, medications and equipment. The containers can also be used for holding files and prescriptions.

Stack and nest containers are incredibly versatile and offer the end user a wide range of benefits. Because they come in different sizes and designs, it’s easy to find the one that works for your needs.

Features of Stack Nest Containers

Stack nest containers have various features that make them ideal for the various applications. The features available depend on the type of container you choose.

The container can have a solid base and sides, ventilated sides and a solid base, or a ventilated base and sides. The design of the container you pick depends on the function you have in mind and its requirements.

One of the features of the containers is built-in handles to make carrying the container easier. Depending on the application in question, some options also come with an open front or open front and back for easier access. These designs facilitate accessibility even when the containers are stacked on each other.

We can also supply the products in various colours where colour-coding is preferred. The variety of options available at Plastic Trays ensures that every business and establishment gets the right storage solutions for its applications to enhance efficiency, convenience, and employee safety.

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